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Transform your roof into a new stream of consistent income with solar panels.
Kedma Solar can help with technical consultation, a quote, and an ROI model to find the right way to go solar.

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Make money on your roof every day.

Kedma Solar offers a wide variety of solutions for commercial rooftops and creates personalized PV layouts, quotes, and financial projections for each client based on their roof, their aesthetic and spatial requirements, and their budget.

Solar panels are robust and have a 25+ year shelf-life ensuring that you will have a consistent, reliable ROI for years on end. The process of going solar has never been more straightforward, and most businesses can get a substantial income from their array while helping us all move to cleaner, renewable energy.

Solar can be an essential passive income stream for your business with minimal maintenance for 25+ years. With today's improved Feed-in-Tariff rates, a 1,000-square meter roof can bring in roughly ₪100,000 per year. Contact us and see how much your roof is worth.

Installation by a Certified Team of Installers
Personalized System Design
10-year System Warranty including Output Warranty
Quality Consultation Fom End-to-End

Calculating Your System Size and ROI

The first step to consider in any project is the system capacity, cost, and ROI. Commercial PV systems can reach ROI as high as 20% in ideal conditions, but first we need to
analyze the roof size and shading and the existing and potential electrical connection size.

Our consultants can conduct a quick survey and technical inspection to determine the potential profit you can make from your roof.

Solar for Public Buildings

Solar for municipal and public buildings can be a strong financial investment with consistent returns as well as an important investment in the future health and environment of the local community.

Kedma has helped numerous schools, local councils, and municipalities go solar on their rooftops working with the various administrators, officials, and public employees to make sure the system is installed with the highest quality and in a way that doesn't disturb public use during or after construction.

Agri-Voltaics: Solar on Farms

Adding panels to your barn, chicken coop, or other building on agricultural land is a no-brainer. We've helped dozens of families and small business turn the empty spaces on their land into passive income.

We know how to handle the bureaucracy from the local and national offices and how to find technical solutions on a budget. Over the course of 2024, new permits are expected to be approved for solar fences, greenhouses, and ground-based systems. If your interested or have questions please contact us and we'd be happy to tellyou more.

Prepping For Commercial Solar

It is of paramount importance that you are aware of the potential extra steps and work involved in turning your commercial roof into a PV system. Our consultants can walk you through the checklist of potential additional costs and projects, including:

-Proper electrical sizing
-Bringing outdated buildings and electrical up to code for Tofes 4
-Strengthening or replacing old roofs (especially asbestos!)
-Safety measures for before, during, and after installation, including access points, fire safety, and electrical safety
-Potentially expensive underground or aerial cable runs.

At Kedma, we prioritize giving you all the information necessary to make an informed decision and have a complete sense of the budget. It is crucial to know what the scope of your project will indeed be in terms of work, time, and budget, and we make it a priority to give you the whole picture.

מערכת סולארית מסחרית
מערכת סולארית מסחרית

Permitting and Commissioning

The Israel Electrical Corporation (IEC), Energy Ministry, Office of Infrastructure, and local councils each have their own sets of precise and exacting rules and regulations for commercial solar. Not planning for them can kill a project or lead to budget overruns and significant delays.

Our permitting team knows what to ask, who to turn to, and how to solve potential issues before they arise. Most importantly, we will inform you if there is a potential for permitting or commissioning problems. Our philosophy is that we instead plan for the worst and hope for the best. Therefore we will go through your paperwork and the state of your property before starting the project so that you can properly plan and budget.

התקנת מערכת סולארית מסחרית

Initial Investment

It is important to know how much you will need to invest in your solar array and in any additional projects required to get the array connected. The average commercial system costs roughly ₪3,000 per kilo-watt of capacity before dealing with additional work.

There are many factors in the cost, including the quality of materials, the type of team and oversight you want, and whether you want additional elements that increase system output such as optimizers or automatic panel washing.

For the vast majority of projects, you can finance 80-90% of the project through any major Israeli bank at a competitive rate (usually prime+1.2) for 10 years. That being said, you will still need to invest 10-20% of the cost of the project out of pocket, and it is important to plan for this in your budget.

There are three ways to finance your system, making solar financially viable for nearly any business.



You can purchase your system by paying directly in five payments spread throughout the installation process. Most commercial systems have a project ROI of 14%-18% and pay great dividends over the 25+ year lifetime of the system.

Bank Financing

These days most major banks offer up to 100% financing for up to 10 years for commercial solar at competitive rates. Our consultants can help connect you with the bank of your choice to secure financing for your project. With the high ROI on commercial solar most financing plans still allow you to profit from your system over the lifetime of the loan.

Solar Lease

Rent your roof to Kedma so that we can finance a PV system and you'll get a monthly check from us without having to do anything at all. Contact us and our consultants can do a roof a appraisal and send you an initial rental proposal.

צוות עובדי קדמה סולארי
צוות עובדי קדמה סולארי
צוות עובדי קדמה סולארי
צוות עובדי קדמה סולארי
צוות עובדי קדמה סולארי
צוות עובדי קדמה סולארי

Why Choose Kedma?

At Kedma Solar, we strive to provide clients with a smooth customer experience from your initial consultation through commissioning and maintenance. An ethos of customer service is central to our mission and is a point of emphasis for our entire staff. Our installation, maintenance, engineering, logistics, and sales teams are here to make it going solar as easy as possible for your family or business.

Over 40 MWp of Experience

In the past 7 years we have helped build over 1,000 projects on every type of rooftop from boutique guest huses to naval bases and airports. We've seen it all and done it all and have the answers to all of your questions.

Turnkey Service In-House

No subcontractors are necessary. Our team will take care of everything with an unparalleled standard of quality. Permitting? We'll handle it. Special requests? No problem. Kedma will do everything necessary to have the ideal solar array to fit your needs and budget.

Customer Service Above All

As Americans managing a business in the Middle East, we know how frustrating bad service can be and how helpful attentive care can be. We put the customers' needs first and do everything in our power to ensure that you are satisfied with the product, the team, and the process.

Shay Ben-Gera
Shay Ben-Gera
חברה מעולה רמת שירות ואמינות יוצאי דופן ניהלו את הפרויקט בצורה מעולה
Ram Haas
Ram Haas
חברת קדמה סולארי מאד מאד מומלצת. הצוות שלהם ביצע עבורי התקנה של עמדת טעינה לרכב חשמלי. הם עבדו מאד קשה ולא חסכו במאמצים הצוות שכלל את רועי ושקד המתקינים, שניאור החשמלאי הובל קדימה על ידי האחד והיחיד אופיר מנהל הפרויקטים. אלמלא הוא אצלנו אתמול עמדת ההטענה לא היתה מופעלת בתלת פאזי. אז זו חברה סופר מומלצת אשר עשו עבודה מעולה משעות הבוקר המוקדמות ועד הערב. כל הכבוד. אם אתם צריכים שיתקינו לכם עמדת טעינה תפנו אליהם. לא תתאכזבו. מחירים הוגנים, אחריות ארוכה ביותר. מומלץ.
Eitan Bnaya
Eitan Bnaya
אהבתי מאוד את קבוצת ההתקנה, נעימים, מעודכנים, ממוקדים ומקצועיים, עבר הרבה זמן מאז שזכיתי לעבוד מול קבוצה אמינה כזאת. מקווה שגם השלבים האחרונים יהיו בטעם הזה...תודה רבה. איתן בניה.🙏💐
Yona Klos
Yona Klos
קדמה סלולר התקינו אצלי מערכת סולארית, שהתקנתה הסתיימה בימים אילו. ברצוני לציין שלאורך כל הדרך החל מהצעת המחיר ועד סיום ההתקנה של חברת חשמל, החברה סיפקה פתרונות והסברים מאוד מדויקים ומקצועיים (ואני נודניקית די גדולה), אבל תמיד היו סובלניים ומאירי פנים, גם כאשר שיניתי תאריכי התקנות וביקורות ותמיד ניסו להתאים את עצמם אלי. גם מבחינת המחיר קדמה הייתה זולה יותר מחברות אחרות בשוק ובדקתי 4 חברות. כל אנשי המקצוע הגיעו תמיד בזמן שנקבע, ביצעו את העבודה באופן מדויק ורציני ו דאגו תמיד להשאיר אחריהם נקי ומסודר. הייתה לי חווית לקוח מעולה ואני יותר ממליצה לכל מי שמעונין להתקין מערכת כזו לעשות את זה רק עם קדמה סולר.
Yossi Srur
Yossi Srur
אנחנו מרוצים הכל תקתק לפי לוחות הזמנים ואפילו מוקדם יותר. חברה רצינית ומקצועית ובהחלט ממליץ לכל אחד ששוקל להקים מערכת סולרית לעבוד עם קדמה סולארי
Meir Almalm
Meir Almalm
חברה מדהימה והכי חשוב גם לאחר ההתקנה זמינה מטפלת עוזרת מלווה ותומכת. ממליץ מאוד להשתמש בשירותיה.

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How Does the Process Work?

Going solar has never been easier! Here is a simple order of operations from when you spoke with our consultant about your solar system.


Get a free site survey, panel layout, quote, and ROI calculations. Our engineering team is here to help you optimize your roof and adjust the plan according to your requests.


Our team will handle the permitting for you. We'll help you fill in your request, submit your plans, and monitor the electric company to ensure your permits arrive on schedule.


Trust one of our certified installation teams to build your array to the highest quality. In 3-4 days, your racking, panels, and inverters will be installed and ready for inspection. Your system should pass inspection within a few weeks and be ready for commissioning.


Once your system is online, our team will monitor your output 24/7 to ensure smooth operation. Our maintenance team can handle panel cleaning, routine inspections, or service calls as necessary under one of our system warranty packages.

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Going Solar Has Never Been Easier!

Fill out the form, and one of our solar consultants will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions and show you how much money you can save on your roof.

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מלאו את הטופס ויועץ של קדמה סולארי יחזור אליכם בהקדם, עם פרטים מלאים והצעת מחיר משתלמת במיוחד.