Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Upgrading to an electric vehicle saves you money on fuel and maintenance while contributing to a cleaner environment. We’ll help you install your charging station at your home or business quickly, professionally, and affordably so that you can enjoy your new EV.

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Save up to 90% on fuel and maintenance with EV charging at your home or business!

Kedma Solar offers EV charging solutions for private homes, apartment buildings, storefronts, offices, and public spaces. We have partnered with the leading vendors in Israel and will provide you with the best final product quickly and affordably. Why not enjoy the best materials, installers, service, and maintenance?

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EV Charging for Your Home

Kedma offers a wide array of EV home charging stations, including PHEV solutions and chargers from 7kV to 22kV. Our “Service Bundle” includes a top-of-the-line charging station, a free site survey, and a tailor-made installation for your home, with all costs accounted for upfront.

EV Solutions for Apartment Buildings

We understand the complications of installing in shared spaces and apartment buildings. We have developed solutions that reduce construction time and materials to provide an efficient, budget-conscious project for your building.

Kedma is an expert at planning and installing shared electrical infrastructure to allow present and future EV owners to connect and charge their vehicles without needing to drill through walls or block the parking lot with noisy equipment for a full day.

Interested in hearing more? Contact us, and we can develop a tailor-made plan for your building and budget, including plans with no down payment.

Commercial and Public Charging Stations

Our team is experienced in working with companies on multi-site projects, including the homes of employees. We will coordinate with your relevant fleet managers, compliance officers, and others to ensure that we plan and install all of your necessary stations on time, on budget, and with uncompromising quality.

Maintenance and Monitoring

After installation and commissioning, you can monitor your intelligent charging station with a built-in app with options to bill third-party users (for commercial clients.) We give you a two-year warranty on your station and installation and are available around the clock to assist you in case of any issues.

How does the installation process work?

Going solar has never been easier! Here is a simple order of operations from when you spoke with our consultant about your Charging Station.

Precise Planning

One of our project managers will perform a site survey to determine the specific work necessary to install and connect your charging station. Installation is relatively simple for most private homes, but for apartment buildings, it likely involves some extra cable work and coordination with your VAAD.

Installing your Infrastructure

Commercial and apartment buildings require running cables throughout the building to your station and possibly some electrical work inside your shared or private electrical cabinet. Our technicians will follow the plan and set everything up for a quick and straightforward connection to your charging station.

Connection and Commissioning

A licensed electrician will connect and commission your EV charging station and verify it works. Interested customers are given a short tutorial on using their station and linking to any relevant apps.

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Once your system is online, our team will monitor your connection to ensure everything works smoothly. Our maintenance team can handle routine inspections or service calls as necessary under our warranty package.

Why Choose Us?

Switching to an electric car should be easy. Installing your charging port should be a one-off install with no further questions or headaches. We aim to ensure that you get the best equipment, work, and service and can enjoy your new EV. We want your charging station to work so smoothly from the moment it is installed that you take it for granted. See what American-style service looks like by installing it with Kedma.

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