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Hybrid Solar with Storage

Stay electrified even during power outages with a hybrid solar and storage system. Your solar panels can charge your lithium-ion batteries directly, ensuring you’ll never be without electricity again.

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Energy Independence

Hybrid Solar Systems (Solar-plus-storage) allow you to use your PV panels even when the grid is down for self-use and storage when the sun isn’t out. This is the ideal solution to keep the lights (and fridge and AC) on during a natural disaster, a regular power outage, or even for prolonged periods if the national grid is damaged. Home Solar+Storage can provide up to 50 kWh of electricity – enough to power most homes for multiple days – and residential solar can produce 50-100 kWh per day, depending on the season and weather.

Solar + Storage Premium Rate

In 2024, a new policy will take effect that pays premium rates for selling solar back to the grid in the evenings during peak consumption. Depending on the season, you can store the solar energy you produce during the day and sell it to the Electric Company in the evening for nearly 280% of the regular rate – 95% of the variable rate consumption tariff. The table below shows the basis for the premium storage rate.

Personalized Control

In addition to the beautiful functions of the basic SolarEdge app, you can also set your battery system to hold full charge for emergencies or to use your solar power each night instead of buying from the grid. Set your own storage profile for your needs and track your daily consumption to reduce your bill and your carbon footprint.

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Official Approved SolarEdge Installers

The team at Kedma works directly with SolarEdge and has been trained by SolarEdge staff to install their products. As a preferred SolarEdge installer, we have early access to new products, VIP maintenance terms, and direct communication with SolarEdge product managers to answer questions and solve problems quicker and better.

Turn-Key Project Management

No subcontractors are necessary. Our team will take care of everything with an unparalleled standard of quality. Permitting? We’ll handle it. Special requests? No problem. Kedma will do everything necessary to have the ideal solar array to fit your needs and budget.

SolarEdge’s Storage Products

We are experienced in using SolarEdge’s industry-leading solar hybrid inverters, BUI, and batteries. We can install inverters of four sizes or combine multiple inverters to plan the perfect system for your needs.
The battery-utility interface (BUI) balances storage, consumption, and selling of excess energy to the grid while monitoring your electrical data.
Each battery has a nominal capacity of 5 kWh, and up to 10 batteries can be added to a residential system for 50 kWh. Using SolarEdge’s MySolarEdge app, you can monitor all of your consumption, production, and storage data while managing your system settings.

How Does the Process Work?

Going solar has never been easier! Here is a simple order of operations from when you spoke with our consultant about your solar system.


Get a free site survey, panel layout, and quote including ROI calculations. Our engineering team is here to help you optimize your roof and adjust the plan according to your requests.


Our team will handle the permitting for you. We'll help you fill in your request, submit your plans, and monitor the electric company to ensure that your permits come through on schedule.


Trust one of our certified installation teams to build your array to the highest quality standard. In 3-4 days, your racking, panels, and inverters are installed and ready for inspection. Your system should pass inspection within a few weeks and be ready for commissioning.


Once your system is online, our team will monitor your output 24/7 to ensure smooth operation. Our maintenance team can handle panel cleaning, routine inspections, or service calls as necessary under one of our system warranty packages.

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