Residential System for Merhav family, Bar Giora

A solar system on an agricultural structure in the series of private houses

More Details About the System:

Panels Type:

Jinko 560

Converter Type

SolarEdge 15 KW

Number of Panels


Month Of Connection


Avg. annual production

24000 קוט״ש

Avg. annual income

11500 ש״ח
מערכת סולארית ביתית - בר גיורא

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Kedma Solar
Kedma Solar

Kedma Solar was established in 2016 by three partners who immigrated to Israel from the United States with a sense of mission. Kadma Solar specializes in the design and installation of solar systems on the roofs of residential and commercial buildings, and has become one of the leading players in the solar industry in Israel.

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