Kedma Solar is a young and dynamic company that manages and constructs residential and commercial solar, storage, and EV charging projects.

We value helping our customers transition to renewable energy and are driven by a desire to improve our environment while giving our clients excellent service.

We are currently expanding and looking for qualified candidates for several positions:

Solar Installers

Our solar installers are responsible for building PV arrays from scratch across Israel. We train new installers in the field and are looking for energetic, responsible people with good technical skills and a desire to learn and grow.


  • Familiarity with electrical work

  • Ability and readiness for construction work “at height.”

  • Detail-oriented work style

  • Teamwork skills

If you are interested in this position please leave your details in the form above.


We are looking for sales representatives interested in hybrid work from the office and in the field at customers homes who are interested and able to sell a technical product and truly engage our customers in all of the financial, technical, and aesthetic details of going solar.


  • Sales background, preferably in construction, project management, or energy

  • Technical knowledge and ability to learn about technical products

  • Physical fitness to inspect roofs

  • Familiarity with CRMs and basic computer skills.


In addition to installers and sales staff, we are also looking for an administrative team for various roles related to the business’s day-to-day operations.

At Kedma, we value diversity and inclusion. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds and are committed to creating a supportive and empowering workplace for everyone.

We offer a supportive work environment and opportunities for growth and development.

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